Tuesday went to Viborg with sis and Thomas. Dropped by cousin Anita and had my hair cut. Unsure about the result, which will always happen when you’ve carried a certain do around for ages, now find it missing. Suddenly the temperature dropped a couple of degrees, incidentally. She seemed in very good spirit, which is great. And of course she offered many helpful hints on having children, which she’s quite experienced in. Good to talk to her again. ~~~ Evening sped by. Rested, ate, enjoying the holiday. Did a heap of work on the year’s conclusion, then watched a movie: ‘Possession’, with Gwyneth Paltrow and Aaron Eckhart. A nice little drama about letting life in by taking a risk. She’s a very beautiful girl, Miss Paltrow, and what’s more she’ll age gracefully, it’s so evident by the features of her countenance. ~~~ Slept until two o’clock into Christmas Day. Saw the Disney’s Christmas Show, and worked more on the year’s conclusion, then Mum had the dinner ready around six. Magnicifient cooking. Opened the presents. Had thought I had received mine already (the powerdrill dad gave me when I was home to install their computer), but apparently not so: Unwrapped salad-bowls and a cooking-oil container, a pen-light and, best of all, a colorful book on the history and facts and figures of the universe. Was very thankful for what I received, as always. A good day. To bed around eleven. More work on this journal, the conclusion beforementioned, and at the very last some action movie to cap the day. ‘Tome Raider 2’ – hefty adventure. ~~~ Tomorrow first Christmas day. Will conclude the conclusion, so to speak, and do a reread of the script in preparation of concluding that, also. Am hoping for a quiet day.