Took the Mercedes to Skive, to visit with Thor and his twin-brother Philip. The latter occupies a run-down apartment in the heart of the town; about to fall apart by the first look of it, but neatly arranged once past his front door. Great terrace, wonderful view to it. Should try and arrange for a Summer visit, as he talks of putting a grill up there. Good to seem both of them again, had a generally good time playing his Xbox gaming console and stuffing myself with all the candy and cakes I’d brought from home. To the effect of being sadly unable to conclude three quarters of the pizza I bought when we went for dinner. Brought back nice memories of the town, the drive to and fro and the stay. Even ventured into the local movietheatre, to ask my way. Spent many happy moments in there, I recall. Not too bad a town – I certainly enjoyed my stay, and hope he feels the same way, Philip. Thor mentioned he’d stay the New Year’s Eve out – will hopefully find time to be past them again, before shipping out, home. ~~~ Back around nine. Refused all attempts of dad’s to force more food upon me, and we all joined in a game of ludo, which was nice. Got on a scale and turns out I’m at sixty-five kiloes; can’t remember that ever happened before. So the Christmas is being very nice to me, I gather. ~~~ Watched ‘October Sky’, on this labtop. Brought not with it the effect it first had on me when I saw it at the Galaxy in Hollywood, but those kind of screenings are few and far between, and I should press my luck hard to count on the same reaction in me, now that I knew the film beforehand. Did me a world of good, though despite. Capped the day with three pages on the script, three pages nearer its completion now. Liked what I did, and remain amazed still I should be able to get three decent pages down in less than two hours, I think. A luxury I never seemed to be able to afford, but I gather this screenplay has really found me on a positive note, for those kind of days have been plentiful. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.