There I went – wrote 2003 and not 2004. Always took a few weeks. Getting better at it, I think. No symbolic value here. Well, maybe once I would’ve extracted some. A bit. A helluva lot, actually. It’s when we’re young we may afford all the time in the world towards petty comtemplations of the above sort. In hindsight I did use up what seemed like that amount of time. But then I’d rather not find myself able to afford hindsight, even, anymore. A quiet, near solemn, beginning of the new year. Thankfully so. ~~~ Surprised myself and took exercise more seriously, with a seven kilometer trip instead of the usual four. Let it be said I grew impatient and founded a bad conscience with the trip back home – was out very little. Perhaps around the house once or twice, about it. Time to get back in the race, so to near literally speak. Applied for a badminton-team, but they were booked full, so no chance of a change in physical activity there. With some nice pieces of music on the mp3-player I may afford some more miles before growing increasingly weary with it. Probably, knowing me, in the Summertime, this, and it’ll be alright again, running around. Felt that seven kilometers in my legs, sure, but a good feeling it was. And the route did me well. Of course snow came down in inches and I won’t be around there this next day or the one after that. But soon. ~~~ Printed out the script. The girlfriend’s promised to read through it this weekend, after which I’ll have a last whack at it, a week after that. Sat in front of my computer and did very little with it throughout the evening. More taken to turning around and watching some eighties film on the box instead. Turns out I have a bunch of stuff to do, but they’re miniscule and I couldn’t be bothered with them. And of course the bigger ones I had not the time to finish, this evening. Bored? Wouldn’t admit to it, but it’s a fact I always felt this kind of confused beyond completing a script. But we know the cure to that one, don’t we. Compromised and did a bit of this and a bit of that. And tomorrow will bring out a pad and do some mind-juggling and brain-storming and develop that new idea I’ve walked around with, for a few weeks. And it’ll all take off from there. ~~~ Saw a real-estate broker about the apartment in Malmoe, this Wednesday. Came away with a decent impression of the pretty young girl, but as of this writing she has still to get back to me beyond my emails to her, so that impression will probably fade over the weekend as I grow increasingly impatient. Though, she set the price of the place at some four hundred and seventy-five, which fit my expectations near exact. Equals some three hundred and twenty in the back, on this Danish side. Not bad, not bad at all. And from the looks of it I’ll sign my name to a three months’ deal, which they would not do if they did not have high expectations of a sale. Thinking back to the nine months it took me to sell the Osterbro flat… Damn long time. Have no notion, even, of the market in Malmo, so will leave them to it, and trust her (…) to get back to me (…) ever so often. Bad her goodbye and stopped by sis’ and Thomas for dinner. Brought over Thor as well, good to talk with all of them again. Slept on their couch. Next time around, dinner’s on me. ~~~ Came to like this one very much; “Summer, Highland Falls”, by Billy Joel. From his ‘Turnstiles’, which I bought for myself, for Christmas. “They say that these are not the best of times/But they’re the only times I’ve ever known/And I believe there is a time for meditation in cathedrals of our own./Now I have seen that sad surrender in my lover’s eyes/and I can only stand spart and symphatize./For we’re always what our situation hangs us… /It’s either sadness or euphoria.” Magnificient. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Hope to catch a movie Downtown. One or two errands. Hope the snows stays around for a day more, or maybe two. Lends atmosphere, and ‘s better than slush piling up. Could do with a fancy set-up; too many of these past days have proved repetitions on a somewhat gray days, physically and metaphorically speaking. Quiet, yet demanding, in that sense. At any rate; the weekend will lend some release, no doubt. Am hoping for a quiet day.