Very rewarding run in the evening. Some seven kilometers, far from past times’ distances, but as close to one stretch as it comes, and the sub-zero air in my lungs did for that refreshing feeling. Got back and had the full distance in me yet. A good one. ~~~ Somewhat tired days at work, as it proves a trifle repetitive in nature and besides offers little fun. Can’t help but wander off in altogether different priorities. Can only pray on conscience to reduce this to a minumum. Should rest for an hour or so getting back, but it seems priorities here as well keep me away from the couch. Getting closer every day to finishing the computer cabinet, my little carpenting exam. Goes well, when I’m not drilling holes for the switches in that piece of aluminum I got from the old man. Fucked it up entirely and had to ask him for another piece. Somewhat embarrassed; most likely the fuck-up was caused by my lack of patience. I do need to work on that, don’t I. Sometimes there’s just no rushing things that don’t want to be rushed. ~~~ Heard from sis – busy, busy, busy. Thor, as well, sick as a dog. Will call on him again this morrow, learn if he’s still up for that film-weekend planned a fortnight ago. Girlfriend leaves town for the weekend as well, so have things to myself for a bit. Apart from visiting Thor will work on those little things keeping me from starting the next big things, i.e. the script. On my way to the Metro Supermarket came across an angle towards the story, holds a great deal of potential if I’m able to swing it the right way, from the beginning. A challenge, but if I can make it work it’ll really (capitals) work. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. At work will do an interview towards hiring a guy to fill in for Anja, who left around Christmas-time. Sounds like an interesting dude; am quite curious. Going for a student job at thirty-four, is he. Should be worth my while. Am hoping for a quiet day.