Ultra fast, this. Weekend spent mostly in Malmo, in Thor’s presence. Saw a few films, did his dishes while he made us lasagne, went for a run in the early night. Out to the Harbor Front and back; ‘Vestra Hamnen’. Great, great area. Apartments as expensive as entire houses, but what a sight. What a view. Very jaloux – remember moving through them, at the expo. Good one, but not for Thor, whose testicles apparently went into a state of deep freeze. Rather amusing anecdote to tell the grandchildren. Amusing because it didn’t happen to me. Sure, it’s minus five degree celcius and your dick is about half an inch long when you get back, but I’ve thankfully still to suffer from frostbite in that area. No laughing matter to him. He received his new Laptop by parcelpost, incidentally, a widescreen motherfucker with just about every gadget available included. Even more jaloux. The new Woody Allen is a very funny film; ‘Anything Else’. ~~~ Out of Sweden around eight next morning. Home by nine, slept till 12. Quite confused state waking up. Think I needed the long rest. Did chores around this place: assembled a cabinet for stuff for the baby, tomorrow will work on organizing shelves for the thing. Moved her old, huge shelves into the livingroom. And some stuff of my own: made one of two windows for the new computer cabinet. Took some long time but looked like I wanted it to look. Higher hopes for the end-result, especially as I received those new aluminum-plates from dad – adhering to my cry of having fucked the other one up. Even sent me two, just in case. Called and said hi. Good to talk to him again. Down with a bit of a flu. Wasn’t long ago since he was down with that shit? Should I be worried? Is he getting old? What am I talking about. Sure he is, but, still… Might call mum and feel real silly about it. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am not really inclined to commence the week; would rather, actually, have it off. But that’s not going to happen, so will stick to it. Hope it doesn’t snow or gets really icy. Then it’s just twenty minutes from work to here, so I’ll find a big, fat afternoon to myself. So maybe I’m getting used to living here, in so close proxemity to work. Must finish this. Two things: Call from the girlfriend in the evening. Damn good to hear from her, spending a bit of time on Funen, with her folks. Have missed her dearly. Secondly; no response from those two two-bit companies I sent the script enquiry to. Time to think of different ways to go about it. Thirdly: Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.