Call from Vibeke at work, confirming her extra day’s stay at her folks’. Good to hear from her again. Have missed her, much so. Will have her back tomorrow, if but for a brief while before she leaves for her yoga-class. Of course she’ll be home later that evening. Something to look forward to. ~~~ Worked on hobby-projects in the evening. Glad to have the time for it – recall a talk with Thor, this other day, about how much time he had on his hands; not much, by my newfound standards. Eight hour day, excluding one hour lunch, two hours’ traveltime… ‘Nuff said. Played on the computer, over the Internet with those merry boys from Aalborg, mainly. And exchanged rapid emails with some fellow, on the possibility of him securing my Malmoe apartment. Looks like I’ll perhaps show him around, one of these days. Would like the chance, anyway – think I might do a good job of selling him the place. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. One odd errand past the Silvan Home-depot. Pratically my second home, these days, at least that’s how it feels. Work one might always do, of course. Should consider putting some hours in the bank, towards tending a birth-preparation class with the girlfriend, Wednesday. ‘Birth-preparation’. What a notion. Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.