Breeze of a day at work. Can’t recall when last a working day went by so quickly. Monday morning meeting until ten, then tutoring the new student aide, Rasmus, until twelve. Bright fellow, look forward to him taking over some of the things I’m doing now, leaving me free for other things. Rest of day, what happened to it. Out by near four. Rode Downtown and caught up with the girlfriend. Saw ‘Lost in Translation’ at the Dagmar. Oscar-nominated film about friendship, and how to use it to move on in one’s life. Liked it a lot. Although doubt Bill Murray will win an award; his laconic character displays not the greatest of emotions, it’s a too subtle portrait for a golden statuette, I think. But he’s certainly right in being nominated, as is Sofia Coppola, writer-director. Haven’t read the script, but should perhaps try and get hold of it. In fact believe I will. ~~~ Spoke with the realtor on the phone. Decided to lower the price to some four hundred forty thousand. Means not that much in the bigger picture, when the math has been done it’s but about twenty thou out of my cut. Three months’ rent, so if it’s a faster sell in that fashion, well… Don’t mind paying a bit to straighten out my affairs. The break isn’t quite clean yet. ~~~ Playtime with the guys in the evening. Two solid hours. Taking my mind off things. Was somewhat restless during the late afternoon, started in the theatre. Am getting better at relaxing myself. So damn tense, especially around the shoulders, when I catch myself. Stomach, too. Playing my small part in the second world war with these gentlemen helped a lot. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.