Guess what, the motherfucker of a computercabinet I was given and brought up from the first floor of the internal IT division seems to be the object of many people’s affection. Put an add on the Internet and so far the bids are at fifteen hundred crowns, sure as hell more than I had believed it worth and the best pay in the world for carrying twenty kilos some fifty yards. A stroke of luck, this, as they’d near thrown it away without a second care in the World about it. Would’ve brought it home and made use of it, but talked myself out of it. Enough with these huge cabinets with every conceivable device inside of them; micro-machines are the way of the new World, and that’s more up my alley. But a nice donation towards the private life of one Morten Norgaard, I certainly know a fellow who could do well with an unexpected raise like this. ~~~ Have managed to work on the script for a few days, now, and in between being out for my runs it’s really the best use of my time until the baby comes along. Requires a wholly different style than the previous, a comedy, this drama of, oh well, the Danish word is ‘selvopholdelse’, I forget the English equivelant. Never matter; like I metioned, it’s a bit of a dark thing, but one that needs to be written and one I need to tell myself, I think. As always there’s self-preservation here (there’s the word), in penning these stories, more so than ever before, probably. Means also it’ll require more of me, possibly. Guess I’ll be able to tell better when I get better into it. ~~~ Quiet days at work, not in my office particularly but some of the others really have taken the boss’ vacation to mind and tend to leave the offices earlier than their contracts stipulate. What did the secretary tell me, oh yeah; “I’m going home, I’ve this damn headache.. and besides, there’s nothing for me to do.” Obscene, is the only word that comes to mind. Fuck it. Tomorrow’s Friday, so there’s my reward in store. Am hoping for a quiet day.