‘S right, a Friday the 13th. Should’ve stayed home under the covers, probably, but then it’s like paying the insurance-bills, nothing ever happens if you just go on as per usual. Got to work, did my share, moved home again. Ah, well, ‘my share’ is probably overdoing it. Don’t think I was very effective today. But they can’t all be good, can they. Confirmed the sell of the cabinet, will wrap it and try and find a way to get it to a postal office on Monday. Fifteen hundred, that’s easy money in my book. One of my better investments of late. ~~~ Kept the evening to a minimum of activity, discluding(?) work on the script. Have a rather ugly scene before me, and don’t want to get into it if the timing’s off. Opted for a short walk, trying to put it together in my head before putting pen to paper. Worked well; got it down, most of it. Also came across some unique location; wooden stairs at the side of the local pizzaria, leading down to the railway-tracks and a mess of a back yard, all kinds of shit there, and a rear-entrance into some kind of sorry, makeshift apartment under the business. One to remember. Foggy night, lead a helping hand to it. ~~~ Was called back by the couple I called yesterday, in response to their looking-for-apartment add at the local Netto supermarket. Disclosing the fact that the apartment is in Malmoe didn’t seem to discourage them too much, so will show them around this Sunday, at two o’clock. Helping out the realtor, sure, but also a chance to go and spend a day with Thor, who seemed to be glad I called. Will actually be in Malmoe tomorrow as well, with the girlfriend’s dad, moving the last stuff out of the basement. So there’ my weekend right there, I guess. Hard earned it seems. Want to sleep in tomorrow, wherefore this entry ends here, around the one o’clock burning of the midnight oil. Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.