Busy weekend, incidentally. Went to Malmoe with Vibeke’s dad and got the last of the stuff out of the basement. Forgot the key and had to break it down, then sew it up nicely afterwards. Somewhat auspicious. But good to have done away with it. Mostly the girlfriend’s pictures, they – her mum and dad – took it back to Funen with them when they left. Sat in the car with her dad and listened to damn near the story of his life entire. He’s a big talker, surely. Obviously he’s in need of some male intimacy. ~~~ Dumb arrangement: Showed the apartment to some prospective Danish buyers on the following Sunday. Should’ve agreed to do it Saturday, when I was going to be in Malmoe anyway; but found the girlfriend in tears over the thought of having her old man try and find his way to the apartment singlehandedly. So submitted to this fucked-up way of going about it and found myself in town in a second day in a row. Did my best in representing myself and my former abode, but have yet to hear from them again, so I guess it’s a no-go. Too bad; believe I did a good job, and they seemed like such an amiable couple, straight-forward and well prepared to make their move to something better. But, alas, not so. So it’s back to the drawing board. Have yet some contacts far east, so to speak, I might bother with an add on the place. So far the realtor’s doing a poor job at it, I’m afraid. But did I ever choose the right realtor first time out? One good thing came of it; a chance to visit Thor, go for a run and talk a bit, watch a movie. He’d borrowed a cardio-monitor from a friend at work, strapped it on myself and was able to tell my pulse all along the route we chose to run. One hundred and seventy-one at the peak; apparently that’s ideal, he believes. I truly couldn’t say: I just run. Ate kebabs too big for any of us to handle, and saw ‘Lost in Translation’ – a rerun for me. Actually brought it down from the Internet and am able to – and have – watch it on this laptop. The more I see of it, the more I’m rooting for it come Academy Award-time. ~~~ Slept like a spiked cup of coffee, pretty much. Was outta there by four, on the train by five, at work by six. Got back and slept comfortably on the couch. By now, Tuesday, am past the jetlag. Thought not enough as to allow more than the short route with my run, then enough to go to work tomorrow and suffer less the drowsiness. Long one today, by fault of my own; made use of a company car and drove to the postal office and sent that computercabinet I got off to the man who bought it off me. Over fifteen hundred crowns for my efforts, by the end of the haul had convinced myself I’d actually earned it – it was a motherfucker to wrap and carry. ~~~ Working on the script. Has me somewhat fazed: writing about pedofile acts and focusing on shaping lines and descriptions, rather than really get into it. For one thing I’m now allowed enough peace of mind and place as to sufficiently do just that – it’s a two-person apartment. Secondly, I shy away from it, because I’m afraid of it, of where it’ll take me. Will I be in control at the other side of it, I can’t say for sure. Anyways; I may afford these lapses, and take my time before really getting into it. But it won’t be long before I’ll’ve to do just that, so I’d better up and prepare for it. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.