Managed to get hold of a decent quality pirated copy of ‘Lost in Translation’, which I first saw in the theatre. Saw it at Thor’s this other weekend and now again return to take in small dosages of it. I mention it here again because I’m so enthused by it. It’s really one for multiple revisits, I believe. High hopes for it come the 29th of this month, but alas it’s so atypical it’s unlikely to score big. ~~~ More work on the script. A horrid affair, really. Yesterday penned the death of two little girls, today had one of my pedofile-characters justify his actions, and for tomorrow’s encore plan on setting up a little rape-scene. And here I am, wishing I could get more into it! Clear case of “be careful what you wish for”. Focusing on the technical side of it keeps me sane, but, again, soon enough I’ll have to get my personal nightmares in there. Will I find it hard, I hope so. Means it’ll be worth doing. Should write some about sanity vs. madness, but I gather that’s what I’m doing with the screenplay. Plus it’s been done before by those who’ve proven themselves over and again. “It’s either sadness or euphoria”. How very true. ~~~ Long – forty-five minutes – talk with Sis’ Thomas. Of course it’s mostly him going at it, but it’s kinda soothing to listen to him going about the unimportant details; means they’re doing well enough. He’s into some paintball sport at this hour, has set up a nice page on the Internet about it. Keeping busy, getting friends. Good for him. Might have them over for dinner soon, at the girlfriend’s urging. ~~~ Weekend ahead. Have plans for it, sure, but none I mightn’t cancel before a worthier cause, though hardpressed to recognize one such at this point. Know I’ll be working on the script and attending a movie of some sorts. And freeze my butt off when running, as these sub-zero temperatures are here to last us the remainder of the official winter. So be it. Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.