Ran eleven kilometer, around two. Running in daylight stops me dead in my tracks, can’t hit the timing. But good to go that distance. Came across a couple of hundred role-playing kids, doing the dungeons & dragons thing. Fun to watch. Made me think back to early days of visits from cousins Thor and Philip. ~~~ Some reading during the day; “Don’t know much about the universe”. Like to think I know a bit more now. Worked on the script for but an hour, then went for pizza for dinner. Then sat down and played my part in the Second World War with the guys. Good fun, and this new program we’re using has me communicating with them via the headset I bought from Thor. Talked at length with ‘Murer’, is his nick, whom I first met in Aalborg. Good fun to be around. Much talk of a possible Summer gathering in the North, which seems quite an interesting idea. Being around them at Christmas time was nothing but a good time. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.