Wherefore am I so damn tired. Getting up is a struggle and I don’t long for it. Kept me from work a whole half hour again today, meant getting home later in the day. And the ten kilometer trek in the evening, even more of a struggle, here. Took in a lot of cold air, hope that has a bearing on it or I’m worse for physical status than I thought. Taking so much time about the route held only one benefit, that of taking a pause on a short pier, looking down into moonlight-reflecting water. That was beautiful, the light dancing. ~~~ She’s an odd shape to regard. Bulky, to say the least. And these days are too long, I think. And too cold. But before Spring comes Winther. I should go to the movies, some more. But I don’t wanna be away for too long. Everything comes to a halt, somehow. I’m slowing down, the Winther won’t leave, the days pass but are one and the same. Every call from the old man is a repetition on a theme. I like him calling, of course, but… Will this be my part, somehow, somewhere? And, why don’t we play some more music in these rooms. Because there’re two of us, and each is not particularly attoned to the other’s taste in that regard. And the doors may be closed, but that would seperate us from one another… Too much is thought, rather than said. In that regard we’re somewhat similar. Most lies the fault with me; believe I’m slightly better at it. As well as adopting a mood from a script, which I think is what’s behind these fumbled words. ~~~ Saturday up and coming. Hosting a dinner with Sis, her Thomas, and cousin Thor. Latter of which spends the night, in recognition of the Formula-1 premiere the following Sunday. Brings his sneakers, too, so will struggle it out with the ten-kilometer again, hope for a better attempt at it. Am hoping for a quiet day.