Well, went for a fifteen kilometer run yesternight, screwed up the route and did seventeen instead. Near a half-marathon, dammit, but it feels much like I’m in shape for it, though; felt no serious aggrevation waking up today. So I’m perhaps in better shape than believed. ~~~ The movies; ‘Gothika’ at the Palads, some kind of Sixth Sense Light, with enjoyable shocking moments well placed. But not really my thing. Better was the ‘Good Advice’ comedy with Charlie Sheen, as watched on this laptop. Funny premise for a film, a man’s man taking over a woman’s councelling column. Did well, Sheen, not stretching himself but when was the last time for that? Oliver Stone comes to mind, but be as may. Oh, and ‘Toy Story 2′ from Pixar, lest I forget. Possible the best of the three. Very funny indeed. ~~~ Four days past the Madrid bombings, ’11-M’, and the death toll tops the two hundred by a few unfortunate individuals. Bless their souls. As horrible as this event was, if indeed the Spanish government has tried to gain in popularity by using it to their advantage, as many things indicate… No words for this kind of behaviour. ‘Absolutely despicable’ doesn’t seem to fit, here. So let’s not hope that’s the case. Cries of panic heard in our little country, which supported the Americans in Iraq also. Don’t think it’s likely we’ll end up a prime target. For one thing, they wouldn’t get much publicity out of a bombing – too small a country. But the fear is justifiable, of course. Damn the PM for gettings us in a war we should never have participated in! He won’t get my vote a second time around, and recent surveys seem to indicate that’s a sentiment not exclusively reserved for yours truly. ~~~ Labor-day nears, so to speak. Facing four weeks off from work, in which time the new student aide, Rasmus, will take over. Somehow, that is. Have little idea how he’ll go about it, but certainly an idea as to how he’ll fare. I suspect many a call from him, let it be said. Which is fine; if I find myself spending too much time on the phone, I’ll simply prolong the ‘holiday’ for extreme lack of a better word, around the end of it. No conscience-problem here. Still as ever very keen to get a grasp of what the damn thing’s all about. ~~~ Call from the old man at work, yesterweek. Was out here on the eastern seaboard side and thought he’d check in. Sent him out to say hi to the girlfriend, which pleased her much. Good of him to call. ~~~ Half the months gone already. More work on the script brings me to half-time, roughly. Have strayed off the rhytm of it just a bit, thought not enough as to get me off track. Adjusting the structure as I go along, but sticking to the original one ninety percent of the time ensures me the confidence to keep writing. A bit of an oddity, this structure; it’s likely I’ll end up with three acts each forty minuts long, not the usual thirty-sixty-thirty. But it feels right still, I guess, so I’ll go with it. Downloaded some scriptwriter’s tool, basically a word processing program with screenplay formatting. Pirated, I had almost said ‘naturally’. Damn guilty conscience; but it’s so expensive, and I won’t be needing it safe to import my rough text and print it out in a proper style. Pretty lame excuse, I know. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.