First day of the proper working week is a Wednesday, strangely. Worked from home the first two days, much to my own benefit in light of traveltime and added hours of sleep. The latter I guess being the reason behind the getting up late on the first day. Second day, story all by itself; Following the first day of daycare-experience, including seeing mummy say ‘bye, bye’ and taking off, the little one seemed reluctant to enter into the deep sleep, leading to, I can only suppose, nightmares and lots and lots and lots of crying, screaming. The kind of ‘what-is-she,-possessed?’-thing she’s pulled on us before, but at least only for an hour or so, this time around. Went on long enough to have me estimate I wouldn’t be getting much sleep anyways, counting on her – rightly – to wake up many times during the night, so made som coffee and went into the basement and worked away until morning. A good move, enabled me to stay at home and support the girlfriend in her trying times. Seeing our girl off into the hands of strangers is not easy for her. But I – we – remain convinced it’s for the best. She needs the stimuli and inspiration of her peers (…), to watch and learn from, and interact with. Second day went better – although there were tears to boot upon the ‘goodbye’, when she came back after a half an hour the little one was found sorting toys and generally enjoying herself. So even if she may experience som set-backs, such as clinging to V at every odd second, I figure she’s basically alright with it, and thank God for that. Some say it takes a half a year for their kids to stop crying when they’re submitted to daycare, if they ever stop. Ours, in turn, seem to have this thing where she gets all of her issues out, one tough time, then takes to the new situation. Her little “alright, I’m gonna try and deal with this here thing, and then I’ll be okay with it.” But hell, watching the spectacle of her ‘dealing with it’ always leaves room for frustration, on our part. She balls so one would think we were torturing her. Which, in truthfullness, is probably how she feels about us, when we pull such a move as daycare on her. ~~~ About the project, well, two steps out, one point ninety-eight back. No kind of smooth progression here, but at least progression of some kind. Am trying to sell the production as a co-production to one of the country-wide public stations – have little idea how I will fare, if it’s even remotely likely. One blissful daydream seems me selling the entire production, to sit back and tie up the loose ends and relax, well knowing in a year or so I’ll enjoy the product of my writing in the form of a tv-movie. Wouldn’t that be a life-saver – near verbatim, i.e. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day.