Ah, too few of these entries. Who has the time. Closer contact with Bettina at WaterFront, had me send her two scripts and two treatments of the latest, as usuaul doubt anything will come of it, but where’s the harm. Even working on a treatment of the comedy I wrote before the latest, for her pleasure. And pitched them a synopsis for a family-adventure/drama, looking forward to hear how she feels about that crazy motherfucker. ~~~ Weekend spent mainly at Funen, as V’s folks offered their house to host our party, celebrating the kid being given her name, curtisy of the state. Little but for neither me nor my little girl, I suspect, and perhaps there’s even a bit of harm in there for her, but I won’t be asked for my say in the matter, so my mouth stays shut, ’nuff said. Good to see and talk to mum and dad again, driving in for the occasion. Haven’t had too much time to talk to either of them properly, lately. ~~~ Still looking for a home of sorts, most likely around the middle part of this island of Sjaelland. Different options present themselves, somehow will find the time to sort them out, prioritize. The house in Soroe proved too frail, verbatim, for me to handle, I quickly agreed with myself. Tricky business, when it’s even cheaper to build a new house entire than to buy a used one, yet impossible to find available lots towards erecting something from scratch. Quite ridiculous, come to think of it. ~~~ Tomorrow. Will do me good to be back at work, if even there’s most certainly enough of that very source of personal fullfilment to go round. Am hoping for a quiet day.