Still looking for a house, somewhere, out there. In fact borrowed the inlaws’ car, formerly Vibeke’s, and took it out to the Western part of this island for a look at some prospects. Or whatever the hell to call them. Proved a nightmare in logistics, the trip, incidentally. So tomorrow will borrow a company-car and do it all over again. ~~~ Work on the script progresses at an unsteady level. So many insignificant things I seem to need to do before I turn my head in screenwriting direction. Trying to sort them out only bring more on. It’s ‘the block’, of course, trying to talk me out of it. I think, all said and done, I’ve got the better of it; have some fairly funny (my only hope) moments down, could fit them into an outline, from where it’ll all take off, as always. With all that’s going on right now, I can’t bring myself to blame myself for not giving it a hundred percent; that’s for a later occasion. In time, I’ll do right by this script, I know I will. ~~~ She only gets bigger and better, doesn’t she, the little one. I can’t tell how she gains in weight, that’s hard when I see her every day. But experience-gains, that’s a different thing. She’s out to explore this world, that’s for sure. I know these are the days that will never come again; so I’m on my knees for her, literally, trying the best I know to bring a smile out on her beautiful face, trying my utmost to enjoy her and these hours I spend in her company. And convincing myself, succesfully, there’s no time wasted in this, no time at all, and certainly this kind of time I would be sad to let go. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.