Things of tremendous importance are going down these days, but I have no time to transcribe them, which pleases me little. Potential move to Soroe is the notable event in question, but other, lesser things beg to be written down for my eternity, and I’m not proud of myself for not doing something about that. But all energy goes into tending to my daughter and girlfriend and the script and, with what’s left, myself. Enjoying myself, my life, has become a matter of trusting only half an hour, max, of peace and quiet, that and waiting for nightfall where I might go to bed and listen to music for some fifteen minutes or so before falling fast asleep the beat my head meets the pillow. It comes out worse than is on these pages, probably, yet still it plagues me, the way I’m bound to this apartment and the people in it, and will be for many months to come. Good news is that the script moves along, if even at a very slow pace. And a call to sis proves she’s doing fine, busy as ever by the choice of her own. And the folks as well. ~~~ Will let things happen when they may and wish to happen, then wait my turn to recall them in future entries. Around the closing of the year imagine I’ll have enough material to fill some twenty or – the more likely – thirty pages, and really that’s the way of this journal, this year and parts of the next as well. So be it. Tomorrow Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.