Troubled by a stomach infection, from drinking yesterday’s whitewine from a bottled I had kept in the fridge for too long, finding the cork partly dissolved. Watched the remains of it fall to the button and happily drank from the top, but this seems not the wisest decision I’ve ever made. Felt much like a morning after solid partying, stomach-wise. Crackers and Coca-Cola helped, but still I barely had the strength to stand on my own two feet, not to mention feeling up to entertaining the kid in her waking hours. Too many of them, to my liking, but she insists on waking up every two hours at night, when just four days ago she slept well through it, only having to get up once around four o’clock. Puts a lot of pressure on the girlfriend, who’s well considering taking her mother up on her offer to come get her and drive them back to Funen for a few days of some kind of restitution. Would do her good to have someone else walk the problem-child up and down the road for a few hours, so she might – mother and daughter alike, actually – get some serious rest. Myself am sadly unable to offer the best I can do, in part because the days ahead are filled with obligations which need tending, of course in regards to the house we’ve put a bid on. ~~~ Enough for now. Stomach has me weary. Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.