Looking over the room from the angle of this couch – precious piece of furniture if ever I bought one. It’s a mess – the room. What I should be doing, with this day upon which I called in sick even though I’m in excellent health, at least for one who’s so down no his sleep, is get up, get out of this couch, get to work on clearing up this mess. But then a second though invites itself, and I might add one which doesn’t come easy to me, “why don’t I leave it be”. And for the life of me, I cannot come up with a decent response. It’s messy as hell, sure, everything is out of place. But where’s the point in clearing it up? A time-consuming task, and I have many times over the past weeks admitted to being the bearer of too little of that resource, time. I have a decent memory, certainly it will allow me to recall where I last put down an item I should find myself in need of. Only thing stopping me from not getting to work on cleaning house is force of habit, but I’m not such a hapless character I can’t bring a change upon myself, am I now. So here it is: Will clean it up so the girlfriend has a decent home to get back to. After that, all must fall where it will – literally, I won’t be one to care. I can keep track of mine, and she must find a way to keep track of hers’. Try and arrange a way of putting stuff in boxes towards the move, albeit it’s weeks in advance. And if I might save a bit of time towards other purposes, I’ll be the happier man. Doubt I’ll have the power of will to have this m.o. spill over to the new home, in two months’ time, but for now I’ll do me good. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day.