Last day of freedom – call from the girlfri­end reports her arraival tomorrow, Friday. So be it; I’ve gained much comfort and faith in the time to come with these two days to myself, and I am much grateful. And, also, right anxious to have her back, out of the claws of troubled mother-in-laws who have nothing better to do but critize and point to issues they have beforehand sworn would remain untouched during a visit. Expect fully to find her back in a trail of fury, which I recall has happened before. Hopefully the good news of the house-purchase coming through will cheer her up. Spoke with Ulla at the bank again to day, on possible loan-scenarios. Settling my affairs included selling all of my US stocks – at exactly the same price with which I bought them. I do remain the worst investor, don’t I. At least this time around I didn’t lose money, which is the way it usually goes. I’m truly better at exchanging labor for money, rather than try and go clever about it and entering the money markets. ~~~ Had time to go to the movies today – fanfare. Saw ‘Taking Lives’, at a hall with the Palads Theatre I hadn’t tried before. Complaints (mine) to the management about the flick being out of focus had no greater effect, and I immediately donned ear-plugs upon arrival at the scene, in an effect to soften the cries of the impatient crowd. So nothing new under the sun but the film itself, a thriller-horror thing with Angelina Jolie trying to identify and stop a serial-killer, apt on assu­ming other people’s identities. Much rave by the local critics, I myself give it three out of five and let’s just leave it at that. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.