Must report of a surprise-party I attended, yesterday. Excellent company, great grub, many jokes and funny stories and a nice setting as well. Surprised the hell out of the birthday-boy: yours truly. Can say I saw it coming but I’d be lying through my teeth, I had no idea whatsoever of the alledged torture the girlfriend went through in order to arrange it all and, more torturous, keep it to herself despite all my probings into her odd behaviour (cleaning house at times when I didn’t think we’d be expecting guests, etc.). What I do have an idea of is the fact that I enjoyed the hell out of the affair, which saw Sis, her Thomas, and cousin Thor in the door. Would’ve liked to see the look on my face when Sis moved beyond the doorframe. Surprise. And here I went and denied, purposefully, a want to carry my thirtieth year into any kind of festivitas, and she goes behind my back and sees to celebration anyway. I’m stunned, surprised, celebrated, surreally happy about the day and how it went and what I was presented with of gifts and even how the day came to a close. Damn perfect. Now I hold the task of trying to repay the kindness (and shock-effect), and – man – do I look forward to that. Damn good to see them all again, those closets to me gathered in one place. The latest half year or so of my life have not presented many such opportunities like this, but given the way my daughter took to the company, there will be more, soon enough. She’s a sucker for parties, especially those who revere her and hold her center of the attention. ~~~ A good day. Slept long and late the day following, didn’t make the morning train towards work. On a Sunday, having swapped the weekend day for the previous Thursday, for reasons of priorities at work. Turned on the telly at work and watched the women’s handball final game at the olympics, while slaving away. A bit of a queer start of the working week, but I had my time off, didn’t I, and Friday found my phone and broadband Internet connection up and running, which pleased us no end. One is really off duty in life, sans a hook into this forth dimension, the net. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day