I have been distracted in my writing. ‘The resistance’. Thought I was over it, but not so: and the past time has proven so busy, my time to write has only now come in place, on the morning commute. But even then, not enough effort goes into it. Always distractions, from all sides. In fairness, it has gotten easier. In a month or two, the initial problems of owning a house will be over, and more time will become available. And I have been so dead tired, with the move and all that, I haven’t been much use to anyone. Especially myself. But this does not excuse me from cracking up the gears, moving faster. Just a bit. ~~~ Tonight will team up with Rasmus and Thor and play around and have a few beers. My way of saying ‘thanks’ for them helping me out with the move, and what have you. Tomorrow some family-thing, on Funen. Am moving around too much in this World, methinks. Need to sit down and shut myself up and start focusing. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.