Thirty. Three-zero. Don’t quite know what to do with that number. I guess they’re all right, it should be a cause for celebration, and let me add I’m not adverse to feeling a bit.. well, moved by it.Only I’d rather keep it a private affair, making it a point to ponder rather than drowning out, by festivitas, the notions of the time ahead. If I had the time to ponder, that is!! So and so much occupies that time, notably stuff I need to do with the house. I still seem to be a mile and a half away from order in my life, and I could sure do with some more sleep. Wherefore I’m glad the weekend draws nearer, and – infinitely more important – our tiny heartbreaker has finally, it seems (fingers crossed, knock on wood), learned to sleep throuhgh the night. Means eleven hours, from eight into seven in the next day. Of course the girlfriend benefits more, as yours truly has to catche the morning communte, at five thirty. … ~~~ Breaking off this entry: Am dead-tired, and want to catch a second’s rest before being back home and the unwitt(ll)ing victim of a surprise-party, in my honor. All arranged for by the mother-in-law, naturally. May need all the energy I can get. ~~~ (P.S. It turned out to be a not-so-bad affair as I’d feared. Granny Anne-Lise was there, and she’s an ice-breaker by nature, and my kid behaved admirably. We all went for a walk down by the big lake, leading us into the town and back from there. The scenery around here is awfully pretty, and when she gets a bit older I’d much like to walk it some more. The birthday-presents, can’t say I’ve ever enjoyed a birthday with so many presents. Included a number of tools, including a powerdrill I’ll well need soon, and, from the girlfriend, a beautiful wristwatch – with alarm in the thing, so I won’t fall asleep on the train and miss the station again. Also, a key-ring with a picture of yours truly hugging his little girl. Too much, all of it, all too much. Excuse me, now, will go and thank some people.) ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day.