Having slept peacefully through the two previous nights, the young one begins to scream – scream, I say – her head off, around four o’clock. Horrible scream, as if we were stabbing her or some similar activity. She really lets go, and picking her up and trying to comfort her in the dark seems perhaps not the best idea I ever had. Went to work, so don’t know what the end of it was, but will be sure to pick the story up when V calls me at work. Her girlfriends’ pregnancies has her contemplating a second child, in some distant future. Well it won’t include me; much too hard work, I honestly admit. So much needs to be done around the house, but it’s impossible to get anything done when your kid starts balling the second you pop around a corner, out of her sight. Did get out some over the weekend, albeit only briefly, testing the new used car. Seems to be doing alright, the thing, but then I’m worse for judging these things, not motor-skilled at all. Will do my best to treat it right, otherwise trust my luck in the matter. ~~~ Morning, now, rolling into Vesterport. It gets darker, faster. But it’s alright. The changing of the seaons ever reminds me of time zooming by, a comforting thought given the circumstances. Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.