Dire news of Vibeke’s brothers death. Thirty-three years of age. What cruel fate has a man die so young. I hope it hasn’t really sunk in with me yet, for I’m thinking in practical measures rather than emotional. The emotional part is left V, who reacted with the shock and horror of her sensitive persona. Poor girl; I don’t know what to say to her, but didn’t have the chance either, as she rushed for Funen, rightly so. But then, there will be months and years in which to deal with the loss. ~~~ Let this be all I’m willing to volunteer at this moment. Too confused and bewildered to make more of what’s taken place. One week ago I sat and talked to the guy… Now he’s past this World. How bizarre to think of. How brutal. Hard to focus. Carried my little baby girl in my arms for an hour, trying to calm her down from screaming and screaming on and on. Tired now. Tomorrow will join V at Funen, try my best at consoling them, all of them.