It’s hard to think of words, and when the come, they never seem to cover any of it, describe it truthfully. With the loss of her beloved brother, the girlfriend has lost one of the sanctuaries she might go to, when the storm came in. And the coming Thursday she’ll bury him, and find reason to recall the above, again and again. If only I could somehow prepare her for the agony that will be, the buriel. But I can’t, with nothing of it I’m able to set something up in advance, soften the blows. What I can only ever do is be there for her, much in the steady way of our Kirstine. Who senses something odd, I think, for she’s been more quiet than usual. She, of course, knows best of all of us what happens next, i.e. life goes on. Unlike the rest of us she doesn’t need to to reaffirm the clichees every other beat of the clock. Blisfully ignorant of the concept of time passing. In this, and ever other way there is to ponder, we’re lucky to have her. ~~~ Off to work, now, past which will spend my evening on Funen, tomorrow and possibly the coming days as well, as the girlfriend doesn’t like to be alone in that big house, with our daughter. Fear of too many thoughts playing about. Will just briefly drop by and pick up some needed stuff, then be off. Hard to say when we’ll be back, be just the three of us again. Could take up to a month; they really were that kind of close, and nothing but time, a whole great deal of it, will help her recover from this shock to her World. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.