She told me of how yesterday, Wednesday, her folks went to visit a local clairvoyant lady, who suddenly, out of apparently nowhere at all and given only beforehand knowledge of a conflict between the two of them up and stated “oh my God, you’ve lost a child, haven’t you”. They sat there, of course shocked, and listened to her soothe their minds about the early departure of their first-born son, telling them his time was simply up here on Earth, that he was in fact sitting right next to her, letting her know – and them, accordingly – he was fine with what happened, that he knew his time was up and got the most out of life thus accordingly. All in all, exactly what they needed to hear. So that was money well spent, wasn’t it. ‘How did she know he was dead’? Ah, well… They look at the phonenumbers, they get the full name and compare it with death notices, they search the Internet and so on and so forth. So my logic informs me. Yet of course, there is room for doubt. The girlfriend seems to think so; she will visit with the same lady today. I welcome it. It’s therapy for her, and she’ll get the chance to say some of the things she need to say to him, albeit departed, before she can go on with her own life. In past years I would’ve judged her, come down on her in a terrible way. Now, I cannot find room nor reason for complaints. No harm is done, and if she’s a con artist so what, she’s only helping them through their pain and that’s worth the admission for sure. It must be wonderful to believe in this kind of thing. Logic fails us soon enough, offering a natural explanation yet no release of emotion. I have become more of an open mind than most of my years have seen; who’s to say I won’t, in time, find faith in what’s between heaven and earth, rather than solely the latter. How I love her so. For her own faith, for her inner beauty, her belief in eternal love. For being her, and wishing to be with me. How does it go… “She likes me, so I like myself/When someone wonderful as she is/tells me I’m wonderful/I must be quiet a guy”. ~~~ Time to nap, on the train to Nyborg. Friday – tomorrow – will drive home, see how that goes. So glad about that car, now. Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.