Got up late, yesterday, and just didn’t have it in me to go to work. First time in years this has happened. Called in sick on behalf of my daughter; shame on me. The girlfriend, naturally, was excited about not having to spend the day alone. Overheard her call a number of phyciatrist, all of whom could not find the time for her until next month. Instead she came across a retired school-psychiatrist, whom so very gracefully indeed invited her – this on his retired time – over for a hour, later in the evening. Isn’t it wonderful, how these kind of people still walk the earth. Just wouldn’t accept money to save his life, fortunately red wine eased the transition. A rare breed, and one I hope she’ll return to, for whenever one comes across such a generous soul as this, one is bound to be influenced by them, in a very positive way indeed. He did seem to do her good, there was something… Better! about her, after the session. ~~~ This for the record: I love my girlfriend and daughter so intensely it’s hard to find the proper words to write this. There is an abundance to my life I never thought I should possess, a richness in full I long for every day when I’m not with them and revel in whem I am. I feel stronger than ever, knowing I have two loves I can always count on. And who count on me in return – I’ll do my utmost to bring joy and happiness to their lives. If God should have no day in store for yours truly tomorrow, so be it so – until that very second, let everyone know I have loved this life to the fullest, to my own conscience accomplished so very much and more than I could have ever hoped for, helped bring a wonderful, wonderful girl into the World, born by the one I would otherwise only in my dreams even wish for. Life is frail. Love is eternal. I have so much of it. I’m a very happy man. ~~~ Thursday coming up. Am hoping for a quiet day.