Installed the laptop with a media-player and such, brought some of the old albums with me to work. A detour in priorities, absolutely, but one I believe I’ve earned the right to. And besides, the old old Dire Straits albums are better than ever, now it’s been ages since I listened to them. Bought when I was in the airforce, I recall. Provided me with enough escape then, now they – and all the other, neglected albums – provide a familiar feeling. ‘Skateaway’ is great – ‘Romeo and Juliet’ even better. Near the end of the treatment-work on the new script. Means, as far as I remember, my plans for myself the first half year with the baby are fulfilled. There has been so many obstacles, hasn’t there, so many things taking up time. The purchase of the house, God the paperwork. And the car, not to mention tending to the house, setting up shop. The daughter, perhaps most of all, lovely though she is she’s not the best at entertaining herself. And the death of V’s brother… What a half year. Like nothing I’ve ever known. Am dead tired, but in time I’ll be out and about again, running – will clear out my head, my body at the same time. Winter’s near. Upping for that romantic feeling again, will buy a mother of a tree, no matter the damn cost. Am not worried about taking the time needed to care for the script. It’s a project of my own, left to the time of my own devices. I can afford these small adventures, so to speak. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Look much forward to see Sis again, at the Fisketorvet. Will grab a bite to eat and talk, talk, talk. Then Saturday the folks are coming over. Dad helping out with some electricity-work, installing lamps, etc. Will be good – damn good – to see them again. Seems like a very long time has passed, but this is of course on account of past events and the kind of grey hairs they inspire; it was just this July, wasn’t it, we spent those days in the country. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.