Entertained our young one while Vibeke saw the retired psychologist she’s discovered. ‘Discovered’, I say: He seems much like a true gift to this World. Retired ages ago, now he seems to get much out of still helping others when in need of his assistance in his trained field. Refuses to charge for his services. Thankfully he accepts red wine and litterature in exchange for his kindness, damn small exchange I say. His is a rare breed, and I can tell it does her good to be in his company. Family-wise, on her side, i.e., things are not so good. Her mother has a fear of moving out-doors. Hopefully seeing her daughter again will cheer her up a bit, V’s moving to Funen to grab some flowers from her brother’s grave before the caretaker removes them. Things were never great, but of course past events have not alleviated that status. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.