So very good to have the folks over for a visit. Am not thinking about the old man fixing everything up, putting up lamps, all of that, even though that great to have him do. Just very glad to see them again, have them look over the house and see their granddaughter again. Claim she’s grown since last they came to call, which was Frederiksberg. I should hope so. Don’t know why I should feel it so important they saw the house, but somehow it did. They both seemed in good spirit, although mum was uneasy on her legs. The schelerosis(?) taking its toll. She had many good pieces of advice on the garden; thankfully remember those, as opposed to all the names of all the plants she mentioned. Cleared our garden of poisoned plants. What happened to the rest of this entry? The questions I bring forth now at the date of November nine-teen, when suddenly I find a bunch of words missing. Sadly; for I’m sure I described a joyful visit by the folks. Damn, hate it when that happens, text missing. Has, let it be said, not taken place since as long as can remember. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.