For a spell, albeit brief, I’m done with chores. The treatment is done, various people have been notified of it. Have yet to learn their opinion of it; not to mention hearing from them again, ever. The usual reticent(?) me. The Autumn is beautiful, beautiful I say again. Was delayed on the train yesterday, so had to – gladly so – walk from the station to my home. My house. Situated just opposite a grand New England Autumn woods. I could easily imagine the shake of harness bells; but not just yet. Must remember to fix the livingroom heater, before that Winter. So maybe I’m not completely done with chores. ~~~ Girlfriend in better shape, now, one month to her brother’s death, on the sixteenth. Getting back has done her good, and was the right thing to do. She’s doing wonders to our daughter, who’s doing wonders to her. Almost able to get around on her own, the tiny thing, look forward – as I’m sure does she – to seeing that. ~~~ Autumn… I’m still busy as hell and still tired to death. Thankfully work requires not the greatest attention, am able to maintain a paycheck despite being only fifty percent mentally present. I feel as if I should be going into hibernation so much earlier than usual, but there’s not the kind of time for that. Should perhaps take up meditating – running, i.e. – again, in the late evenings when the child sleepsl, or at least pretends to. Would do me good, I think. Just a small trek, twenty minutes or so. Then a shower. Can’t remember what it was like to go for a run. Somewhere I must have a pair of sneakers, with my name on’em. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Will commence work on the screenplay following the treatment, but only if that film I set to download, criminal mastermind that I am, is not ready to play. In which case I’ll watch it, dammit, and at least pretend like I’m at the movies. God, it’s been ages, hasn’t it. Three times in more than half a year, Lord. But no complaints, now. All good things, etc. Am hoping for a quiet day.