Friday the twelwth. Could’ve been worse; could’ve been the thirteenth. Troubled day, came away with so much agression I didn’t really know what to do with. Slept it away, upon my return from work, as thankfully the kid slept for three hours straight. This after having complained her way into her sleep, as happens too often these days. Getting her to sleep is a drag, she seems so reluctant to fall into it even though it’s so very obvious she’s in need of it and rubbing her eyes every ten seconds. She’s scared of what I don’t know, but I do know that I’m the lesser patient man every time she so objects to us doing her good. It can’t be measured that way, I know, I know. But I’ll allow myself to be frustrated still, as I’m under a bit of stress to make the project worth my while, secondly even finding that while as opposed to spending my time putting someone to sleep who’s not in the mood for it, thirdly because I was always told by the dear girlfriend how babies sleep most of their hours away. Sure they do; but getting them to that point was a little something she neglected to mention. I’m a’bitching, I know. Feel as if I can afford it, at least today. Could be my penalty for bypassing our copyright legislature? Some kid in the seat opposite mine on the train fired up his laptop to watch a movie on his trip, ‘lend’ him a copy of some movies I happened to have with me at the time. I see more and more of his – and mine – kind, making use of their portable computers as ad-hoc movie theatres. Have taken to watching a few films myself, on that second run of the commute where I’m usually so tired from the working day and the too-big lunch and too much clothes and a warm, cozy compartment that I’ll watch fourty minutes or so of a movie as opposed to falling asleep. Going for less-than-pensive(?) speciel-effects movies, as I don’t wish to commit myself to a thinker with a big potential, only to be interrupted by whatever may be going on, on a moving train-set. Saw ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, which was excellent in its own right. Couldn’t agree more with its message, though sadly Kyoto is surely dead and gone now that moron has found his second term in the Oval Office. Oh, and on a more positive note, did also find the time to listen to some jazz-setups recorded by Ole at work, who’s apparently come across a – he and I thought so alike – great voice for some vocal jazz I’d be more than happy to incorporate into the project, at the right time. ‘S funny how things seem to be coming together towards the fullfillment of that dream of mine. Meeting Ole, establishing contact with Kim, that beer with David at the Ole English… Naturally, all said and done, good luck won’t carry me to the clouds and back. So this weekend will be about chores and the project, notably the latter. Nearing that first hundred kilobytes of text, can’t remember where that used to get me but will load the data into a script-word processor, which will let me know. Tomorrow, equals Saturday. Will also write Sis a mail, ask to her Thomas’ state of mind. Won’t be upbeat, as will happen with men who buries their mothers. My sympaties and prayers to him, further ahead my condolences. ~~~ Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.