Rumors of a pending executive decision lurks around the office; somewhere, someone has decided the department activities stray too far from the public as opposed to private market, and they’re totally right on their money, we do business with a mainly private clientel(?). So now it’s in some Ministry’s hand, which shot to call. I couldn’t say where it’ll all take me, but I do know for sure I’m much less of a concerned mind than life would’ve found me, just a year ago, before the real trouble began – a joke, of sorts. Money no longer truly matters to me, I’d like to have it but if my wallet should come up empty there’s love and devotion from my little girl, and darling wife. Even today, coming back from work, it’s a superb joy to look into her eyes, the little one: Takes her about a second or at most two to remember who I am, and break into that wonderful smile. Flat out refuses to sleep when we lay her down in the evening, but somehow she charms her way out of all that, at least during the daytime. ~~~ Work progresses on the commute, work on the project i.e. Great supporting mail from David this other day around, although he had some tough talk for me as well he was very kind in his praise, also. Will undoubtedly give his efforts a long, hard look, when time comes for a second draft – well, a second draft actually based on his ideas and complaints. Most of the latter valid ones, he cuts through the bs with a straight razor, all the while paying respect to the structure of the piece as well. Once again, I deem his input invaluable. Wrote to him and offered to read throught some of his, and offer my sad remarks in return of his favors to me, but as his destiny would have it he strayed too far, mind-wise, in getting a short film-script through to some competition he mentioned. Unsure of his motives in writing, not believing too much in his fate nor the quality of his pen, I wrote him back and offered, at the very least, my personal account of his abilities, as based on the short film-script he sent me, some month or another ago: That he’s the most talented s.o.b. I’ve come across, that his script blew me away (true), etc. Hope he gets it; the talent shouldn’t go to waste, I’d hate to see that happen. Will finish the first draft and send it to him, for his consideration, then try and arrange a get-together towards brain-storming the second draft. Look forward to seeing him again. ~~~ Brief chat with Sis on the horn, good to talk to her again. Thomas is seemingly in better shape, thought still not too happy about being left alone with just himself and all sorts of notions akin ‘what if’. Know the feeling from V, also less than merry about sleeping alone in her bed with no-one around. She, incidentally, is doing just great. As in, handling the situation wonderfully. Writing her pains out on the refurbished laptop I bought her, takes her only ten second to crank up that WordPerfect 5.2 for DOS version and she’s off, in exactly the right way distancing herself from the pain by way of letting out steam, so to speak, in sensible amounts. No hiding here, nor saving it all for one big celebration of released agony, I’m so proud of her and the way she’s handled all this. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Looking ahead there’s a weekend left for chores of all weird kinds, and if I’m good to myself, some kind of ending to the second act of the first draft. Fingers crossed. Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.