A bit of trouble getting the youngster to sleep; suffering from nightmares, had us up later than usual – though, of course, nothing at all like the first months’ hell. It’s a strange phenomenon, having V walk her up and down, balling – not awake, but not asleep, either, hard to get a clear mind out of. In many ways I envy her the first time out for everything, even if scary images inside her head should keep her up a while longer than we’d – and she, I’m sure – would like to. First times. What the World’s made from. ~~~ Listened to Ole’s instrumentals, that he’d burned down on a disc for my consideration. It’s great stuff, and I find it funny and amazing alike that I should suddenly be in company of such talented people. Most certainly worth my while and worth also a hard look towards his potential contribution to this project of mine. Don’t really know where he’s from and how, so will find the time to sit down with him for a beer or the likes, get into that, at his willing. The music, mellow guitar-stuff, great ideas and careful structure, the only thing I wanted more out of it was for it to really take off in certain places. But who knows, maybe he’s got some of that around, as well. I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Hard fought weekend? Have felt increasingly tired at work throughout the week, near fell asleep – again – today. Of course dozed off in the train. How can it be the pages worth the project keep increasing? Thankful for David’s input exactly in that regard, he’ll cut through bullshit when he sees it – and he will see it. If I’m rushing it, he’ll be able to tell. Anyways; no time for this, weekend’s up, busy time ahead. Am hoping for a quiet day.