Good to have Sis and Thomas with us for a cup of coffee and a chat this yesterday evening. Though of course the background was sad – of his losing his mother. He does look older, undoubtedly because of it. Only hope it did him some, any, good to talk to someone about it; V, who have of course shared a similar experience not long back, unquestionably the right one to recognize his chain of thought. At the outside he seems to handle it well, right, but of course who can tell but himself. V, on her time, tells of thoughts lingering increasingly longer, making it hard to fall asleep at night and having her doubt her sanity at times. Then the young one is there to rest her mind, keep her occupied, and she’s still writing her pages in memoriam of her departed brother, and so dealing with it, no sitting about merely contemplating herself into cipramil nation. Both will do he good, I’m sure. ~~~ To work on the project, now, on the morning commute. Do better than at home, setting up shop from the train-seat, wonder why. The early morning start, I guess – brain not quite up to handling more than one thing at a time. Tomorrow Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day.