Busy weekend, too little work on the project and too much on the house. The sewsage(?) guy, Peter Jessen, came over and did the first of three installments for his promised twelve thousand, notably put down a line from the sewsage-system and into the house, where later onwards the waste-products of the systems of our own will travel towards their purposed destination. Did my best, as agreed upon, to help out as much as I could, but of course the main contributor was the expert himself. Very enjoyable person to be around, a number of funny stories to him. Related to Henrik, from work, by way of a cousin or whatever, there’s a great chance he’s the guy I’ll call about any further development on the house, as long as he stays in business. The electricians came and went, by the way, five grand that they and I won’t mention to any civil servant and the power-relay system is relocated and ready to be locked up in a closet of its own. So the room’s shaping up, next Tuesday might find a sink and toilet installed, perchance. Am guessing that I’ll arrive at around twenty-five thousand, which is, by and large, half of what I expected, from the word go. Couldn’t find it to disagree with that. Not in a million years. ~~~ Saw ‘Collateral’, sadly not in a movie theatre (how long has it been, man…) but on this ole’ laptop, in a excellent quality version pirated off the Internet. One to buy. Would rave on about it, but where’s the time. Would perhaps even ruin it, if I were to delve into it in that fashion. “Heat” was … magnificient. This one is not better, not worse, it’s what it is and that’s great, no other way to put it. Tom Cruise has seldom been better, I, at least, don’t remember when. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Will go and see Kim Sønderholm Andersen, talk to him in the flesh as opposed to by way of emails, back and forth. Look forward to it; not as much going over the project budget, cast decisions, production arrangements, etc., as much as getting a good look of this guy and his qualities. If his acting is at least as good as his people-skills, I’m in for a treat, directing him. Looking much forward. ~~~ Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.