Met with Kim and Mads at the former’s place in Bellahoej. Lengthy talk on various topics regarding the project led to many names going through the air, most of them hopefuls towards the cast and quite a few regarding the technical aspect as well. Set a date for principal shooting, namely first of July. Tried our hand at a budget and in the coming time will contact a number of potentially interested people. I.e. they, Kim and Mads, will; myself will go over the script and prepare to lock it down, when the role of Sis is in the bag. Trust Friday’s meeting with David regardwise might throw a few helpful indicators my way, on how to get around it. Am zooming in on the problems, but he’s been much helpful in the past. A good meeting, productive despite their high-flying, wonderful attitude towards it. I do think I’ll need a firm hand in this thing, top-level management and so forth. But let it be said we hit it off rather well, I thought, they’re a likeable duo and their enthusiasm parallels my own. Struck a note with Kim, very much the kind of character his emails betray. Mads, likeable character with a kind of nervous energy I’ll positively find useful in my direction. Think he has it in him to explode in a temperous rage, befitting his character well. Many good ideas, enough to build on. ~~~ Back around eight, sadly missed the train which could’ve allowed me to see my little baby girl by a mere three minutes, dammit. A huge extra to look forward to, tomorrow Tuesday. Peter the handy-man drops by to hook up water for the new toilet; second of three installments marking his work. Look forward to seeing it finished, all of it. ~~~ Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.