Picked up Rasmus from his dorm room – tenth floor, very impressive view – and drove back to Soroe, where he helped clear the grounds of the house of rubble and debris from the removal of the two walls inside the house we’d demolished to make room for the new toilet. Then throughout the rest of the afternoon put up plaster. Good to have that debris off the lawn, looked like shit. And tomorrow Tuesday Peter the handy-man drops by to hook up the water system, from then on the hard, and expensive, work, is truly done. Good to have his help available, Rasmus, it was highly valuable. And the girlfriend is right, he’s a swell guy. Not one bad hair on his head, ’tis pretty clear he was brought up right, by the right folks. If this job of mine ends, I’ll be damn sure to keep his number, put in a call every once in a while. Hope some of that goodness rubs off. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.