Read an article on winter-tiredness, a public syndrome. Apparently not as uncommon as some might think. Certainly the article struck a note with me; “hey, so that’s what’s happening to me!”. Overslept and missed the bus by three rock-solid hours yesterday, worked from home as a result hereof. Gratifying rest, and I was able to assist the girlfriend in one of her cats’n’dogs-things with her mother, the dear abusive thing. Will travel south, when I get back from work, south and meet the rest of V’s family in some rented holiday-cabins. Not looking forward to that bit of experience, no sirree. But, hey, cheer up; it’s Christmas. ~~~ Working on the year’s conclusion. So much, so little time. Look forward to being back in Jutland for the final polish, put that – and the year – behind me, as was meant. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.