Shot some out-door pictures of the folks’ house, using Dad’s new digital camera. Much better than V’s, same price only a year or two younger. Made me wish I had bought her something else. The setting was one of an inch of snow, soon to depart. Very pretty. ~~~ Dreadful news of the devastating effects of that tsunami in the Indian Ocean. A hundred thousand dead, good God. The headlines speak for themselves. ~~~ Good to be back.Haven’t slept the long hours I usually do, wonder why. Of missing the daughter, perhaps? On Funen, with the girlfriend. Apparently the tiny thing came down with a cold the minute I stepped out the door, some three days ago, and V was left to comfort her; a tough task, if I’m to guess by the way she acted on the phone. Got quite angry with me, for reasons of having no where else to direct it. Put me in a down mood, but I can see where she’s coming from, couldn’t’ve been easy to have the daughter crying because she didn’t know what was going on, why she couldn’t breathe through her nose like she was used to. Still I wish she was a bit toughter about these things, V, she acts all up and it’s not easy to deal with her when she’s in this kind of mood. Now it seems like she’ll join me here tomorrow, which pleases me no end: Haven’t seen our kid for three days, and I miss her terribly. Ah, she’ll remember me. Won’t she? Nine months is old enough to remember her old man, even if he’s been away for three days, right? Look so forward to seeing her again. ~~~ Don’t remember what it was like to idle in this fashion. Less sleep than usual notwithstanding, I do feel my batteries charging. A bit of this and a bit of that and my priorities are set straight once more. Good to have these minor things out of the way. Of seeing a few movies, put myself to rest about not having been in a movietheatre for ages. Of driving to Skive on a snowy evening, catching up with Thor and his brother Philip at the latter’s residence there. Some day I asphire to a longer revisit. Mental chores out of the way, is the way I like to think of it as. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Can’t wait to lay my eyes on my girl again. Am hoping for a quiet day.