Rushing into the new year means five hours of sleep per day through the first working week of it. Not quite enough to keep me going, but on account of unusual circumstances beyond my control. Included a nightmare the little one woke up from, almost balled her head off until we got in the Sunny and drove to Slagelse, then Ringsted, then Slagelse again. Nice opportunity to talk, sure, but going to bed around one and getting up at a bit to five didn’t make for the best of working days. Thankfully it’s been a while since she acted up like that. ~~~ Nice progress on the project. Have been in contact with more people and gotten a few more things done, and it’s starting to shape up. Sat down (on the floor, actually) with Birgitte and made up the production schedule, now only need to put it into a computer and have it cough up dates before getting in touch with the various actors. Look forward to that part in particular, a true challenge of my poor people-skills. And have taken steps to establish a production company as well. So all’s really going the way I’d liked it, and I must admit I’ve taken to this producer-role, in terms of getting to know and talk to a number of bright and interesting people it’s everything I’d hoped it’d be. ~~~ Brief chat with Mum on the phone. Spoke of our visit with them, New Year’s time. There is, I thought, more good faith in her than I’ve seen for some time. Couldn’t be from seeing her granddaughter again? She has yet to surprise me, in this life and probably her next as well. Good to talk to her again. ~~~ Might lean back in this seat on the train. Relax for as long as I’m permitted, and clear of my destination. Tomorrow Friday. Am working from home, should secure me the rest I need, moving into the weekend. Am hoping for a quiet day.