Briefly, this. Enough correspondance on the train allows me little time for these entries. A quiet time, actually, as far as the project goes, seems I should be/could be doing more than sitting around waiting for others to get back to me. Put together a presentation, towards, well, presenting the deal to some production company. Soon will initiate the necessary steps to get appointments with some of them. ~~~ Meanwhile, at home… Tended to our baby yesterevening, whilst V did her group-thing in Dianalund. Only fair – she handles the young one so and so much by herself, when I’m about doing meetings and such. She’s still a handfull, the daughter, tuned to her own ways in the fashion of toddlers her age. Doing rather well in the physical department, I think – standing, maintaining her balance, walking chairs around the livingroom. Doing famously, i.e. Highly enthusiastic about her own performance. ~~~ Off the train and on the bike. Sub-zero temperatures; spring lurks. Am hoping for a quiet day.