Interesting day. Drove to Holme Olstrup and talked at length with Jens Okking, grand ole’ man of stage and movie theatre and television alike. Great man, great conversation. Went over his part to play in the project, he didn’t have the greater things to add, which was a bit of a relief – i.e. not having him tear the role apart. Went over too many topics to mention, so I’ll sum it – and him – up in a beat and reflect upon his benign temperament and welcoming attitude. Didn’t have any previous impressions to confirm or cancel out, which I thought did me some good. A kind man, a thoughtful man, any which way so far a man of a marvelously positive impression, whom I do very much look forward to working with, thus getting to know better. ~~~ Later on drove to Slagelse, to procure a door, doorway and panels for the new upstairs toilet. Possibly paid too much, or at least overdid the style and thus paid too much, but must admit to having – until now – little knowledge of such things as to judge these things correctly. Liked what I saw, and hope when it’s installed it’ll equal that impression. Look much forward to having the old man over the next weekend, finishing the room and learning n number of new things. He stopped by, by the way, this other day, on his way back from a promotional in Copenhagen. Damn good to see him again, and the girlfriend came back in time from her Holbeak visit to have him see his grandchild, which was nice, too. I know that’s a priority with him as well. Managed, by his advice, to fit aforementioned door and all else in the back of the car, sans having to rent a trailer. Packs so much more than meets the eye. Still going strong, the Nissan – really must have it for a check, one of these days, but for now it’s performing famously. ~~~ Nice walk with the kid in a stroller. Does my back well, I think. Somewhat clear sky, enough of a setting sun as to satisfy my petite needs in regards to this winter, may we soon see the end of it. Ambivalent about it, as damn near always; frosty temperatures brought out the best of starry nights as these go. When will I get around to buying that stjernekikkert? ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.