Tiny one plagued by nightmares again. God, I so wish it wouldn’t sound as if she was dying from pain, it’s near unbearable having to listen to. Trip in the car did some good, but must say I wasn’t proud of the way I handled the situation, boiling over. Had hoped to get to bed early, as yesterday I simply overslept three solid hours and took that as a sign to get to bed, well, earlier. It seems to late we’re putting her to bed, at half nine when she sleeps, at best, at nine o’clock. Other kids I’ve heard of are under their covers at seven, or some similar earlier time. Not much of an evening for one who covets a decent sleep, in order to get up at just a bit to five o’clock. ~~~ About the project, well, a lot of correspondance and few practical measures. Do wish some people were better at getting back to me, but then I know I’m relying too much on emailing and too little on phonecalls. With the girlfriend’s seminar coming up I won’t be doing much about it – and after that there’s but three and a half months to get it up and running – all of it! Scary notion, won’t linger by it now. Tomorrow Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.