Well tired – stop me if you’ve heard it before – after this working week. Tough schedule and the up-coming week at Funen allowed me a half a day off to be spent at my leisure, in the township of Copenhagen in the company of Thor, Rasmus, David, as well as some of Thor’s colleagues. A thoroughly enjoyable affaire, dominated entirely by the ease of the conversation and the generally good mood of the participants. Good to talk to all of’em. Thor seems to have managed that change of jobs he was after, good for him. And David is apparently enjoying a bit of succes with his films, which is great. Rasmus, moving on to his new work is providing him with a challenge he himself finds worthy of his time, good for him as well. A lot of goods and greats; only hope they are, all of them, happy in their choices and how these work out for them. David was kind enough as to offer a few decent pieces of advice on the progress of yours truly’s filmproject, can hardly wait to hear from him again, promised he’d get back to me. He’s been such a great help already, I feel almost embarrased I’m unable to pay him anything for his magnificient advice. Hope I’ll somehow be able to repay him his kindness, some day. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Redirect our lives to Funen for the remainder of the weekend, as well as the next week entire. Due to V’s course, or seminar, or whatever the thing might be labelled. Means I’ll assume sole responsibility of the young one thru most of aforementioned period; can’t say I’m much looking forward hereto. She still scares the begeezuz out of me, at times when she’s at her most difficult and demanding. Of course it’s trying time for her, as her personality forms and she grows inevitably more aware of her surroundings, must be tough keeping track, grasping it all. Shit, I’m pretty sure I haven’t grasped it yet! Still, come what may – I am, after all, just a bit calmer than those times in the park, walking her. And she, also, is much more tuned to understanding the spoken word. I’m really not that worried as might appear from these lines. If anything it’s a chance to get closer to her, to get her in a ‘father-mood’ as opposed to being up and down her mother all day long. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.