Cared for our girl this past Sunday, as V was on Funen, comforting her parents in lue of her departed brother – their son – ‘s birthday. Would’ve made thirty-four. Meant a great deal to her, to be at his grave and to be with the folk on that particular day, so was happy to oblige to the babysitting. She does get easier, the little one, it’s noticeable too. One might move about and rearrange things, even tidy up a bit, without having her complain throughout. ~~~ More meetings in regards to the project. Was very down to have a certain actor turn me, well, down, but I do seem to have established contact with kind and gifted folks as per the positions as props-manager and production assistant alike. One early retired, one student, both equally skilled and serious about the project. Good to have them on board. I have been a bit down of late, because of the pressure of not getting enough done on this thing, this production. There surely is so much to do, with so little time. Three months until principal photography… Put my trust in God and my luck, in no equal terms. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.