Problems, problems, problems. Everywhere problems. Actor’s union have no problem having their members sign their names to a colleagual agreement – but I am no in a position to pay said members enough as to make it simply more profitable for them to collect their unemployment benefits, rather than acting for less than they will collect. It’s such a crazy situation, having fine actors part in this way, with no-one non-organized readily able to replace them. What does this say about our society, that it’s simply better living to go unemployed rather than work? It’s crazy, ideotic. Meanwhile I have yet to hear from the named actors I sent contracts to sign – will I ever? ~~~ I’m so high-strung, so ignitable these days. I would like to think I mean well, still the means to that end have proven as unattainable as ever. I wish I knew more resources than seem at my disposal. Am working my way ahead by way of pressure, not as much as per enthusiasm. Shouldn’t be like this. Should be fun – isn’t. Should be easier – too much red tape, indecisive minds, too few funds. Should be possible – find it hard to see how. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day.