Day spent, much like the Friday preceeding, to my own devices. With the girlfriend and our daughter on Funen, visiting her parents preceding my arrival tomorrow, time has been spent working on the project. Many details have fallen into place, structure has been added. Still, three months shy of the shooting date we’re nowhere near ready, much is still left to do – but was thankful I got the time to prepare for what lies ahead, via phonemeetings and the such. Wonderful thing, a telephone – saves many kilometers of travelling. In short, enough done, much still left. But now that I know she, Vibeke and the kid alike, is comfortable on Funen, it becomes easier for me to spend the money on her fare, if it should happen I’d need a similiar time to myself, of course in light of the project. Good to know – as indeed she herself experienced, when I took care of our beloved daughter up state, when she did her seminar-thing. ~~~ A bright and sunny day, verbatim. Not so warm, but who’s to care when the sun does come out, and stay out – throughout. Always a sucker for a blue sky, yours truly. Brings a positive spirit in me, and made sure I acted on it and got out for a walk, albeit short. Magnificient. Spring-cleaned the house entire, just shy of washing the floor – best left until the young one’s birthday, on the twenty-forth. One year. God, how I have longed for that day in prior times, now that it’s almost here I’m quite comfortable, thank you very much. So this is how one gets used to these kind of things. By way of routine, force of habit. Oh, and so much compromise I didn’t know I had, and enough submissiveness to go ’round, too. Of course also by some claiming my own, and shaking my fist and kicking things around. Up’n’downs. Tupsy-turvy, or what ever fits. What a ride. What she’s picked up from day one to day three sixty-five… Few words cover. Awe-inspiring. Hell, just ‘inspiring’ will do. Will do very, very well indeed. ~~~ So tomorrow Sunday will revisit with Funen, join the girlfriend at the Christening of her girlfriend Sheila’s daughter, Maggie. Try and have a pleasent time, impatiently await the time to take leave and see my little girl again. Who, I might add, alledgedly has taken her first steps, sadly in my absence. It’s okay, really; walk or no walk, she’ll bring a smile out on my face any matter. ~~~ One does get these quite moments to oneself, from time to time. Of reflection, contemplation, of how the shadows of branches fall to the ground, or the greenness of the moss, having quenched its thirst in the morning dew. All falls quiet, and a simplicity prevails. Brings a sense of direction, of structure and guideance in the time to come. A meditative state, no more no less. No matter the stressful daily life, the tight deadlines within any given project, the responsibility of fatherhood and couplehood – as long as these moments arrive, and they do arrive, one is offered a break from harrowing thoughts and shortness of time and breath. I do wait for them, and they do come to me, and I only hope they always will, the blissful moments. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.